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Friday, July 12, 2024

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Information Technology Consulting Firm - Contract Programmers

Welcome to Softworks, Inc.

Softworks, Inc. located in Des Moines, Iowa provides contract programming services and information technology consulting services. Our consultants, contract programmers, and custom web designers are professionals with more than 15 years of experience designing and implementing custom software solutions for the IBM iSeries/AS400 and Microsoft Windows operating systems. Our contract programmers are available at affordable hourly consulting rates for short and long term programming projects.

The founders of Softworks, Inc. came from a large manufacturing and distribution company that sold finished goods to retailers throughout the United States. Their knowledge of manufacturing and distribution along with their experience developing custom software for the IBM iSeries/AS400 provided the foundation that Softworks, Inc. is built on. Our IBM iSeries/AS400 contract programmers and consultants continue to help manufacturing and distribution companies customize purchased software packages such as JD Edwards, PRMS and BPCS.

Softworks, Inc. continues to expand the contract programming and consulting services we offer to our clients. Our contract programmers are experienced custom software designers familiar with Microsoft software development tools including Visual Basic, FoxPro, SQL Server, Visual Studio and Microsoft Access. Our contract programmers and custom web designers create custom software for insurance, manufacturing, distribution, construction, direct mail, retail and utility companies.

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IT Consulting Services

Contract Programmers

Our contract programmers are experienced with Microsoft SQL Server, ASP.NET, FoxPro, Access, visual basic, RPG ILE, and java. Contract programmers are available for short and long term contract programming projects. Call our IT Staffing Services at 1.515.251.7181 to hire experienced contract programmers for your next programming project! Read More »

Custom Web Designers

Unleash the power of Microsoft ASP.NET, CSS and XHTML! Our custom web designers are experienced ASP.NET web developers with experience creating database driven web applications. Let our custom web designers take your company's web site to the next level! Read More »

Professional IT Consultants

The information technology consultants at Softworks, Inc. are seasoned professionals with years of experience managing projects. Our information technology consultants understand the steps necessary to make any software project a success! Read More »